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Scout and Ben
The ultimate weekend wanderers! They talk to us about their weekly escapes and how they explore somewhere new every week while maintaining a full time job!

How would you describe yourselves?
 We like to think of ourselves as the King and Queen of binging. No, not the sit in front of Netflix with a tub or two of cookies and cream ice-cream nor the type who sinks a carton in a weekend (don’t get us wrong though, we love the occasional beer). Instead, we are the ultimate binge-explorers. Give us two days or two weeks and we will completely immerse ourselves and squeeze absolutely everything out of the destination.
Are you permanently living out of your van?
 Like every Tom, Dick and Harry we totally wish we were! Our time for this will definitely come but, our current lifestyle is all about binge-exploring and micro-adventuring; cost effective, short escapes that are always bang on and managing to kick other #lifegoals.
Do you have plans to continue your current lifestyle?
 For now, hell yeah. We choose to go to our full time jobs every week not only to keep fuelling the van and to stock the camp kitchen but to also kick those other life goals, which in the end will create a bigger and even brighter lifestyle.
 Where have you been so far?
 Together we have travelled a lot of the East Coast of Australia, have gone inland at times too and have explored random parts of the NSW Coast – which happen to have a couple of our favourite spots so far; Coal Coast and Mimosa National Park.
We are yet to travel overseas together but separately we have explored, Samoa, Fiji,14 European Countries and the favourites being the Philippines and Morocco.
Not all of our binge and micro-adventures are on our blog as we have only just started writing about them. So there are big things to come for the blog!
 Where do you plan on going?
 Whilst we love the short overseas escapes, we do not have any planned for any time soon. Especially seeing as we have the van basically ready to go at absolutely anytime. Since buying the van and being able to live freely out of it, we have fallen in love with Australia. So we will continue exploring our country and updating our blog as we go with all of the mind blowing destination inspiration for you all to add to your road trip bucket lists!
 Do you see yourselves as Modern Day Gypsys?
 Bloody oath. Even with full time jobs we still have the capability to explore and live freely in a world full of positivity, smiles and love.
 We want our blog, Salty Summits, to inspire people to take on this balanced lifestyle of not only focusing on goals in life but to live a life of adventure, and to show people that going on one does not necessarily mean 5 months of backpacking every couple of years. We believe that regular micro-adventures that have 5-14 day countdowns are SO much more refreshing than that 6 month exhausting countdown. Plus, being able to boast almost every week at work about what mountain we climbed or what uncrowded surf break we stumbled upon makes it feel like (to us and them) that we are forever going on expeditions. After all, consistency is key right?





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