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Meet the wonderful Renae Kings – who founded Willow and Wisk through her passion for the environment and creative drive.

As a Barista she was so sick of seeing all the single use waste being consumed around her, she wouldn’t even let her boyfriend get a coffee without his Keep Cup! After a trip to India and seeing all the waste and no education on how to reduce it, she decided no more plastic in her own world and any little difference does count, so with her creative flare she began making bags for friends, started playing with dyes and everything has taken off from there!

Willow and Wisk comes from a gorgeous individual doing her part to make a difference where possible – her produce bags are made with love for all purposes. While stocks last we will be sending one of these bags with every order for free to help you stay Plastic Free this Spring!! These bags can be used for grocery runs, makeup bags, beach days and general use. 

She gives us her top 5 tips on staying Plastic Free!

1.  Be organised and prepared I ALWAYS have some produce bags and an Eco bag in my hand bag in case I pop into the shop on the way home! And I've gotten into a good habit of putting them straight back in so I'm never caught without them! And no you don't need to rock a massive hand bag to do this! My bag is smaller then a piece of A4 paper, I just keep it organised. 

2.  When your out, take a keep cup or even a mug and ask the barista to put your coffee in there for you! I have been making coffee for 10 years and it has NEVER been annoying or inconvenient for me! I even tell my customers bring your cup in dirty and I'll wash it for you! I would rather that then you not bring your cup in! It's only day old coffee, trust me I (and all baristas I'm sure) have seen worse! 

3.  Don't use straws or napkins for the sake of it! I know sometimes it cant be avoided and that's where tip one comes in! Have a metal or glass straw in your bag! Plastic straws are the worst! And napkins! Only use one if you need it! They still come from the trees guys! 

4.  Compost! Get one going! I have a plastic bucket sitting on my sink and empty it out every couple of days! And in summer we will put it on the garden! This also helps reduce how much you're throwing into the wheelie bin each week! Also line your bin with newspaper instead of plastic!

5.  Buy in bulk! Go to your local Health food or bulk food shop and fill up your produce bags with rice, oats, granola, nuts, seeds, flour! Anything! That's why I make the bags with light weight cotton! It's not going to add onto your weight and increase the cost! And then transfer your goodies into containers or jars when you get home! 

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