rise in the morning and burn like the sun



Founded in 2016, Modern Day Gypsy is made for the bold and free spirited, the sunshine souls of the world. Our clothes and designs have so much love in them, we create pieces that are unique and not mass produced.
We brought together our love and passion for vintage shopping, fabrics + prints, creating and our lifestyle on the road all into one. 
Everyday we are investing in ourselves and our beliefs. 
We believe in love and each other.
For us, it's about creating our own lifestyle that is sustainable, full of positivity, art and nature.
Our life is encompassing the path of the modern day gypsy, living freely with no constraints and endless destinations to be explored.
We live in our bus, Luna Blue. Allowing us to have the freedom to travel wherever we like, to stay as long as we want and to share our creations freely with all the glorious people we meet along the way.
Thank you for supporting our work and allowing us to live the life we dream of every day. 
Peace from the team at MDG. 
Meg and Ty xx


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